Guitars Sold:

Many instruments bought and sold will never hit the internet and often the owners are willing to remain anonymous.

Antoine has found and sold major celebrity owned guitars and gear from Eric Clapton's, George Harisson, Danny Gatton, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix to Eric Johnson, Dimebag Darrell  or Kurt Cobain to name a few.

Appraisal & Videos

Vintage-Tone channel is a place to learn about vintage and fine instruments without the suit and tie. Antoine "Tone" Gedroyc has been  restoring,refinishing,dealing vintage instruments and amps since the mid 80's and built electric guitars since the early 90's. Originally born in Paris, he traveled the back roads of the US and the world from pawn shops to guitar show,more of a guitar "hunter" than a "dealer",finding instruments for collectors,investors,musicians and stores as well as appraising for private collectors, auction houses and businesses.

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